On-site PSA generators

Oreco A/S develops, manufactures and globally markets fully automated process systems for the oil and gas industry and is the industry-leading developer of solutions for automated, no-man entry cleaning of aboveground oil storage tanks and systems for recovery of waste oil within the oil and petrochemical industries.

Oreco uses nitrogen as an inert gas to maximise safety during tank cleaning in connection with its proprietary tank cleaning systems BLABO®, MoClean® and MoClean® ATS. We know the value of having your own on-site, on-demand supply of inert gas, and Oreco has therefore launched our nitrogen generators to supply customers with a reliable source of inert atmosphere. Oreco’s nitrogen generators find use across industries and have an inexhaustible field of application.

Become your own gas supplier

The OrecoPSA nitrogen generators are designed with the specific objective of letting customers become their own nitrogen suppliers, but on a scale where the systems are still flexible and user-friendly. The OrecoPSA nitrogen generators will not replace e.g. tonnage distribution solutions. But for any task where you require flows of up to 1,100 Nm³/h and purity of up to 99.9%, the OrecoPSA nitrogen generators offer a combination of convenience, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

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Oreco A/S has acquired the company Entecx Environmental Technologies ApS. With the acquisition Oreco consolidates and further advances its position as world-leader and preferred supplier of Automated Tank Cleaning and Oil Separation Technologies to the global oil and gas industry.

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