Oreco’s name and logo

Oreco’s logo symbolises the core of our business and reflects our values. The dynamic shape of the logo – it seems to be in motion - combined with the round, yet solid letters of our name denotes our organisation as well as our solutions:

  • oil tank with a combined cleaning and separation process
  • oil recovery process
  • oil pond with a separation process
  • world-wide focus
The name Oreco was inspired by Oil REcovery COmpany.

History and milestones


The Toftejorg Group was founded with the goal of supplying systems, services and technology for automated cleaning of the inside of tanks in almost all industries.


The BLABO® system was developed - an automated cleaning technology designed for cleaning black oil tanks. A patent was obtained in the same year.


Launch of the MoClean® system. This automated cleaning technology was designed for cleaning 'white oil' tanks.


Toftejorg Technology A/S changes its name to Oreco A/S to reflect increasing commitment to the oil recovery and tank cleaning industry.


Oreco A/S develops the SafeTap® – Cold Tapping Tool.


Oreco A/S launches Oreco NitroGen® - a range of Nitrogen generators designed especially for the oil and gas industry.


Oreco A/S develops the oil sludge re-processing system SLOPO®


Oreco A/S opens the branch Oreco US Inc.


Oreco A/S develops the Moclean® - ATS system


Supply launched of very cost-effective nitrogen and oxygen generators based on the Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) technology. For on-site production. Production in Lynge.

Welcome to Oreco A/S

Oreco A/S has acquired the company Entecx Environmental Technologies ApS. With the acquisition Oreco consolidates and further advances its position as world-leader and preferred supplier of Automated Tank Cleaning and Oil Separation Technologies to the global oil and gas industry.

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