Bjarne Fog heads Oreco expansion into production of PSA generators

Oreco A/S is moving into production of nitrogen and oxygen generators. The new business unit will be managed by Bjarne Fog, who is a specialist in generation of industrial nitrogen and oxygen gases. His knowledge includes both technology and market aspects.

Oreco is now entering the market for production of nitrogen and oxygen generators. The company has acquired both human resources and site facilities for manufacturing to take place at their headquarters in Denmark.

Oreco is currently the world leader in design, fabrication and commercialisation of fully automated systems for cleaning of large crude oil tanks in the oil industry. Oreco’s CEO Kaare Wetlsen explains:
“Our company has commercialised nitrogen generation systems produced by third parties for many years, so we thought we might as well break into this market and manufacture them ourselves, and if you’re making systems for nitrogen, you might as well include systems for oxygen.”

Kaare Wetlsen adds:
“And’ I’m so pleased that Bjarne Fog is going to help us. He has both produced and sold nitrogen and oxygen generators before, which is why he’s a very strong force in this field. His vast network is also impressive, so I’m completely sure he’s the safest pair of hands we can possibly find.”

Bjarne Fog says:
“I’m really looking forward to working for Oreco; in fact I’ve actually known them and worked with them since 1995. I’m thrilled to develop this new field of business and manage both the project group and field service. In this way we can make sure our clients and users will benefit from our products very soon.”

Bjarne adds:
“We’ve developed new generators that can reach 10-15% more nitrogen per kWh than previous versions, so we’re pretty sure we’ll be in the top league when it comes to efficiency. And we use nothing but quality components in all our systems, which makes them very reliable.”

Oreco is going to base its growth in sales of nitrogen and oxygen generators on custom-made solutions, and the project department will be fully capable of handling tailor-made solutions that will match individual customer needs. In addition, Oreco is going to supply a standard range of products that can be used all over the world. Besides the oil industry, nitrogen generators are used in the food and beverages, oil and gas, semiconductor and electronics industries, and oxygen generators are used especially in hospitals, fish ozone production industries and fish farming. The company has great expectations about this because the technology involved is much better recognised today than it has been previously. Oreco expects 95% of the gas generator sales to go to foreign countries.

Oreco A/S develops, manufactures and globally markets fully automated process systems for the oil and gas industry and is the industry-leading developer of solutions for automated, no-man entry cleaning of aboveground oil storage tanks and systems for recovery of waste oil within the oil and petrochemical industries.


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