Produce oxygen where you need it

Oreco offers a wide range of oxygen generators. Choose from the extensive selection of standard solutions - or ask us to design a custom-made oxygen generator to match your needs. You will find the price surprisingly modest. All OrecoPSA generators are based on the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology.

All OrecoPSA generators can be optimised to supply even higher purity - up to 95.0%. If you need a higher capacity, a high-pressure solution, higher purity or have other specific requests, Oreco can design a generator that fits your particular requirements.

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A full installation comprises a compressor, a refrigeration dryer, filters, an air tank, a generator and a gas buffer tank. Naturally, you can have your full installation supplied by Oreco. But you can also buy each component and other optional supply such as high pressure compressors or filling stations separately. Smaller models are available with or without cabinets.

Product list

Range of standard oxygen generators

Type Capacity
at 90.0%
per Nm3
Compressor requirement
  Nm3 /hour kW/Nm3 kW Nm3 /min.
04 3.7 1.49 5.5 0.60
05 4.5 1.11 5.5 0.90
06 6.5 1.15 7.5 1.20
08 7.8 1.41 11 1.70
010 9.5 1.16 11 1.70
014 14.0 1.07 15 2.58
018 18.2 0.99 18 3.15
020 20.0 1.10 22 3.60
023 23.0 0.96 26 4.20
029 28.8 1.04 30 5.40
035 34.5 1.07 37 6.00
050 50.0 1.10 55 9.90
065 65.0 1.15 75 13.10
084 84.0 1.07 90 16.10
0105 105.0 1.05 110 20.40
0160 155.0 1.03 160 30.60
0200 200.0 1.0 200 36.80

Unit performance +/- 5%

Standard oxygen generator information

Inlet pressure requirement:

Generator: 7.5 bar

Power supply:

Generator: 240/110V 50/60 Hz
Compressor: 400/440V 50/60Hz

Outlet pressure:

Generator: 4 bar


90.0% oxygen

Dew Point:

-60o C

Operating conditions:

Temperature: min. 5o C / max. 45o C
Dry and ventilated room


Purity: Up to 94.0% +/- 1%
High pressure: max 200 bar
Medical upgrade
O- monitor

Special requirements?

Please note that we also deliver custom-engineered solutions. Our standard range of oxygen generators meets
apacities from 4 Nm3/hour to 200 Nm3/hour with a standard purity of 90.0%; however, we are pleased to make a generator that meets your specific needs.

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